"Remote Healthcare"
The Institute is the only organization in Russia, dealing with:
1) Development of educational programs for the training of specialists working in the field of remote health care

2) Development of standards for assistance in remote industrial facilities

3) Research in the field of evaluation of the impact of professional, environmental and endogenous factors on the health of industrial facilities personnel in order to form a strategy for medical support of work and life support of workers
We are agents of best global practices of medicine and industrial hygiene in Russia
Our mission
Organizing a system of medical support for work and life support of personnel at remote industrial facilities, as a pilot project to form a modern strategy for organizing medical care in the field of industrial health aimed at maintaining and improving the health of the working age population.

Andrei Karpov, INOTZDRAV Director
Our goals:
Technological risks
Assessment of the most significant risk factors of technogenic origin that have a negative impact on the health of workers
Proactive learning
Development of courses to effectively provide first aid, assess risks and form an organizational structure for the provision of emergency assistance
Psychophysiological Resilience
Assessment of the psycho-physiological status of workers depending on working conditions and existing risk factors
Organization of medical care
Quality assessment of the system of organization of medical care for industrial personnel
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